10 Reasons why I love Autumn

I love Autumn and everything about it. I do enjoy the longer days and lighter evenings in Summertime however the British summer is always a difficult season to get through. Summer changes from being quite hot for a day then raining for 3 days so I never feel that we get a solid summertime. Now, Autumn knows what to do which is one of the reasons why I love it.

Autumn is like when you don’t see your best friend for a while but then when you finally have a catch up you feel all warm and cosy. ¬†So here are my favourite things about Autumn:

  • The world comes alive with colour at this time of year. I absolutely love the way the leaves and trees turn into golden, brown and rich red colours. The low sun seems to give the grass a real pop of colour. Its like nature is trying to give you a hug.
  • The frosty mornings which have a glistening of morning dew. I love it when you step outside and you have a big scarf wrapped around you yet you can still feel the autumnal chill in the air. I find it wakes me up in a morning when I might be feeling a little sleepy.
  • The darker mornings may be a little hard to deal with on a work day however on a weekend they really help me get lovely long lie ins. I really struggle to sleep past 6am these days so any help for me to get some quality sleep is always appreciated.
  • I love it when I am in bed all cosy and I can hear the rain outside on the window. This makes me feel even cosier and comfy. Although in Britain this could happen at any time of the year!
  • Its time to get out the jumpers and scarves again. I love it when a scarf is part of my outfit and I have several which I get back out at the time of the year. Oversized jumpers, scarves, jeans and woolly hats. I just don’t think you feel as comfortable or cosy when you are in shorts.
  • When Autumn lands, the slow cooker is back out for curries, soups, stew and dumplings. You get sneaky portions of vegetables with this type of food and hearty meals which warm you from the inside. What’s not to love!
  • I love to go for walks in the countryside at this time of year. Yes, you may need to wrap up however you can treat yourself with a pub lunch in front of an open fire to warm you back up!
  • Its conker season again, yay! This always brings back childhood memories of collecting conkers, painting them with my Mums clear nail varnish and taking them to school. There is a huge conker tree right where I live, so I will definitely be getting some conker picking time in.
  • There is so much more choice with your morning coffee. The flat white is banished for a few months whilst you choose between, pumpkin spices, eggnog or cinnamon¬†flavoured coffees.
  • Good TV is back with us with The Great British Bake Off, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, The Apprentice and usually BBC and ITV get out some good dramas. This year Doctor Foster is on and an absolute favourite of mine.

I could continue with so many more reasons why I love Autumn such as, getting all of your candles back out, hot water bottle season, rhubarb crumble as a pudding, Halloween, the count down to Christmas begins, and Baileys is usually on an offer in the supermarkets. Autumn is just the BEST!

What do you love about Autumn?

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