12 Week Wellness Challenge: Keeping a Journal

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Happy Monday, you lovely lot!  It feels like its only been two minutes since I was writing last weeks wellness update. This weeks update is about keeping a journal and if it has any impact on my wellbeing. Its a few weeks into the wellness challenge and I am really enjoying the different challenges. Every week I am taking some time out to think about how I am feeling and what I need to do. I am definitely starting to feel better and this is the longest period of time this year that I have been well. The Challenge:

I have had diaries and kept a  journal before however I have never been consistent. The purpose of this challenge was to journal every day to see if I would feel any of benefits associated with journaling. The benefits by keeping a journal are;

helps you to understand and know your emotions better,

help practice mindfulness,

develop your emotional intelligence and boost your self confidence.

How did I do:

I completed the challenge by writing in my journal every day, yaaaaayyyy! I treated myself to a new pen and a gorgeous pad of paper as I love stationary and wanted it to feel different from writing out the shopping list. I sat and wrote in my journal at the end of each day just before I went to bed. I always felt better once I had wrote anything down that had been on my mind. It allowed my brain to switch off and fully relax which helped my quality of sleep.

A few days in I started to practice gratitude and writing positive affirmations. This has definitely made me focus on the positive and in turn lifted how I felt. After one week I feel that I am over thinking or worrying less about the small things in life so I will be keeping this as a regular habit. I am also going to treat myself to a gorgeous candle so that its a time of relaxation as well.

Next weeks challenge is all about staying hydrated!

Cup of coffee, pad of paper and heather

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