12 Week Wellness Challenge: The Exercise Update

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If you have been reading the blog recently then you will know I set myself a 12 week wellness challenge. If you don’t know what I am talking about or want a refresher then read this. Week 3’s challenge was for me to have regular exercise as part of my routine. A few things have changed since I originally set myself this challenge so I have adapted it so that I could still take part.

The Exercise Challenge

The challenge was originally for me to exercise and attend 3 gym classes last week. Due to some changes around me I have cancelled my gym membership so I needed to adapt the weeks challenge. I decided I want to incorporate more movement in to my daily life. There is evidence which shows that you can burn as many calories by making some changes in your day to day life instead of solely relying on gym sessions. I love the feeling I get when I am doing the exercise and afterwards so it’s time for me to find a sustainable exercise routine.

What I did:

When the weather allowed I walked round to the train station instead of catching a lift. The walk is just over 1 mile and I always feel good and a great way to wake up in the morning. I start the day with fresh air and a nice little boost  to my steps for the day. I had a few lunchtime walks and now have a little route around the centre of Leeds which takes about 20 minutes and the break from being inside really rejuvenates me. That is when it’s not raining!

I am changing things up a little by using my walks as cardio and introducing resistance sessions at home. During this week my focus has slightly shifted so my workouts are taking me one step closer to how I want to feel. I want to feel stronger, have more energy and get back into exercising. This week has definitely helped me start exercising again,  but I know I have some work to do turn it into a lifestyle change. One step at a time!

I am looking forward to next weeks challenge as I love music and I know it will be great putting together some feel good playlists.


Do you have a fitness routine? I would love to hear about any tips or advice




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