12 Week Wellness Challenge: The one about Music

music notes with old heart and love

Hello you lovely lot! How lovely has this weekends weather been so far. It definitely puts everyone in a happier mood and brings a feel good vibe to the day. As you are reading this I am currently on my way to a day at the seaside and I cannot think of a better way to spend a Monday!  I hope what ever you are doing, you are having a fab time.  So as you know I have just finished week 4 of my wellness challenge and here is this weeks update.

The Music Challenge

I love music and in particular I love going to see live music. Over the last few years I have started listening to podcasts which has meant that I have it listened to as much music. When I was looking at setting myself weekly challenges I wanted to add music back in to  day to see what effect it had on me.

How did I do:

I thoroughly enjoyed this week and had so much fun listening to some of my favourite artists. I set up a few different playlists on Amazon music (I have also used Spotify and Apple Music in the past). To help set me up ready for the day I listened to Spice Girls because who doesn’t want to spice up their life! As the week went on I set up 80s, train, Simply Red and a general playlist. Anytime spent cooking or cleaning I had some music on in the back ground, I love listening to the Big Little Lies soundtrack.

Listening to music again definitely had a positive impact on my well being, certainly in a morning when the train is busy or its raining. I had a spring in my step and usually singing along or doing some little sways to the tune. I am already thinking of setting up a 90s playlist because the 90s are my decade and a few other playlists to bop along to.

Do you have any recommendations for playlists or albums


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