12 Week Wellness Challenge; Week 1 Update

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How come Mondays always seem to roll round so quickly, these days…  Welcome to my first weekly update on my 12 week wellness challenge. Each week I will post an update on the previous week and it’s also a good way to hold me accountable. If you haven’t seen the post with the details, then read about it here.  

Week One Challenge: Rest

The last few months I have been poorly and really wanted to reclaim my wellness and health so that I felt energetic and back to myself. I started with rest so I could build up other activities which may require more energy and time. So it seemed a good place to start. Getting enough rest is often something which is overlooked as we live in a world where we pride ourselves on how busy we are, so this week was all about having guilt free to rest and recuperate. 

What I did:

My brain is constantly whirring away with to do lists, so resting or switching off is  something that I don’t find easy to do. I have woken up remembering that I hadn’t done something or if anything was on my mind. I started with an earlier bed time and kept it device free. I slept much better for it, I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off and generally felt like I had a good night’s sleep. I also made sure I had a full lunch break and even went for a walk round Leeds to get some fresh air, when it wasn’t raining! I left work on time every day and got home whilst it was still light outside which made such a difference to my state of mind.

The biggest challenge for me this week was that I gave myself a break mentally from always having a to do list in there. I allowed myself to fully switch off mentally. This meant I didn’t put myself under pressure to do any chores around the house, took a step back from social media and stopped trying to do everything myself. I did what I could do without feeling guilty and if it meant a load of washing didn’t get done until another day, then so be it. 

At the end of the first week I do feel more rested and definitely feel well again. I feel more relaxed and that I have slept better than I have done for a little while. I am not sure I could drop everything each week however I do think that every few weeks I can give myself a break and some down time to recharge my batteries. 

Do you find it easy to give yourself time to rest and recoup? 


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