12 Week Wellness Challenge: Week 2 Update

Eggs Benedict

This is going out a day later than I intended as I was excited to tell you all about my rebrand!

Last week was Week 2 of my 12 Week Wellness Challenge and I knew it would be the week that challenged me the most. Like a lot of people these days I often get home from work feeling tired and have very little motivation to start cooking a meal. I wanted to change some of the bad habits I have developed and focus on making tasty, delicious and healthy meals. I also wanted to increase my overall fruit and veg consumption too! 

I started the week quite well and got into a routine of preparing my breakfast and lunch for the next day. I made a yummy breakfast of The Body Coach’s banana chocolate porridge. Although one recomended portion definitely gave me two days worth of breakfast. I let myself pick something up on the way into work Wednesday morning for breakfast to break up the week!

Making tasty work lunches is something that I struggled with. I struggle to find inspiration for different lunches so I usually have soup or salads. This week I did have some salads however I also had left overs from the previous evening meal. I knew I was out Thursday night so I had left over chilli for lunch and a toasted teacake when I got home that night.

For my evening meals I started the week well with a chicken stir fry and homemade chilli. I had a slight slip Friday night as I went out for a few drinks after work which was completely unplanned and ended with a Dominoes for tea. Saturday evening I picked up a piece of belly pork from M & S and put it with chips and a salad. It was really delicious and different from what I would usually buy. Sunday was all about eating out and having a gorgeous brunch and finishing the week with a hearty chicken pub dinner!

I do love a good snack and usually pack up fruit and Greek yoghurt or a small bag of skinny popcorn. Funnily enough I noticed on a weekend I don’t snack and only seem hungry enough for two meals a day. When I’m at work I’m very much waiting for lunchtime to roll round. A few muffins, Starbucks iced lattes, fruit ciders and chocolate did sneak in throughout the week.

Overall I did ok but not quite as well as I wanted to, although I did learn a few things. I know that I need to spend more time meal planning and ideally batch cook ahead of time. Instead of trying to cook a meal from scratch it would be better to have something to hand when I walk through the door or have easy to make meals, like pasta. Whilst I know I still have some work to do to change my routine, I am going to be kind to myself and understand that right now that’s what my best looks like. Situations change and having a longish commute is impacting this part of my life but it won’t always be like this!

I would love to hear about how you balance commutes, eating well and what tasty recipes you have ….

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