12 Week Wellness Challenge

Prosecco and blankets

Hello you lovely lot, I know I have been MIA around here lately and this post should give you some understanding as to why! I have been under the weather and generally feeling quite run down for what feels like this year. I had started to think about what changes I needed to make when I read this article by Sophie which inspired me to set myself a 12 week challenge aimed at improving my wellbeing. Then as luck would have it, I got ill with the mother of all sinus infections and spent the first week of April in bed. 

I thought I would share with you all what the challenges are in case anyone would like to join in and I will regularly update on here how I am finding the challenges and what I am learning.

Week 1: Rest properly 

The first week of the challenge I want to give myself some time for permission for guilt free rest and relaxation. I know I have just had a few days in bed but that’s not really rest when you are poorly. I want to give myself time to fully recover. I am often trying to fit a lot into a day or week which means by Friday I am feeling frazzled and over tired. So a week of early nights, quality sleep, down time and just giving myself a break is the perfect way to start a wellness challenge.

Week 2: Good Tasty Food and Nutrition

Like a lot of people by the time I get home I see cooking as a chore which often results in either ordering a takeaway or quick meals being thrown together which I do not enjoy our given much thought about. All of which does not make me feel good and in turn impacts my wellbeing. This week is about falling back in love with food, trying out a new recipe, meal planning, and making food I enjoy eating.

Week 3: Move my body

For a long time I have told myself that I am not good at or enjoy exercise, when actually it turns out I do enjoy it. I feel really good when I am moving regularly and after a few times I feel I have more energy, sleep better and feel more confident in myself.  I usually find that once I am in the pool or at the gym I am glad I pushed myself in to going, it’s the getting to that part that I find the hardest. So this week I will go to the gym / pool 3 times and pick out classes which I find fun.

Week 4: Listen to more music 

Over the last few years I have started listening to podcasts more which I really enjoy and have some brilliant ones on the go. The time I usually listen to music has taken a hit so its time to bring it back! II love listening to music and totally get lost in the mood and lyrics. Whilst I might not be busting out moves on the train you will see me swaying to some gig in my head! Listening to music can be such an immediate mood boost and leaves me with a feel good vibe. I am going to put together some playlists for different moods, days, situations and get back into listening to music on my commute.

Week 5: Write in my Journal every day 

As much as I will try out new technology I love using pen and paper. There is something much more therapeutic of sitting down with a nice pen and fresh pad of paper and writing your heart out. I like to write in my journal at the end of the day so that all of the thoughts and ideas are out of my head.

Week 6: Keeping well hydrated 

There are so many benefits to keeping your mind and body well hydrated which will impact my well being and health. I do try to drink plenty of water and I would say I find it easy to do when I am at work. When I am at home I do not track it as much and tend to slip in to drinking  more tea and coffee. My aim this week is to drink over 2ltrs every day where I am at home or work.

Week 7: Reading for 30 minutes each day

I love to read and always feel refreshed and relaxed when I have read a good book. Reading lets my brain switch off from the on going to do lists which run around in my head. I did start to read again at the start of this year however it is in fits and starts and when I have time. This week’s challenge will encourage me to be more mindful and put time aside for it.

 Week 8: Spending time outside 

Whenever I feel stressed or I have something to think about I head for the outdoors to have a good old walk. Whilst I cannot say I am at one with nature I do like to get outdoors as it always calms me and helps me unwind. There is something about big green spaces, blue skies, the seaside which speaks to my soul and boosts my well being. Day trips are always a welcome break however I want to see how I can bring the outdoors in to my day to day world.  So this week I will be looking to see how I can find more ways to do this, maybe a lunchtime walk, walking round to the train station instead of having a lift.

 Week 9:  Living in the moment more fully

We have a week away booked in Lincolnshire as a family for this week. This time together to me is precious as I know there will come a time when we don’t have this time together. I want to be in the moment enjoy playing games, building sand castles, playing catch and making memories. This will mean less time on devices or worrying about chores that need doing, or anything else which may take my mind from where I am.

Week 10: Practice Gratitude Daily 

Whilst I am not negative and do not tend to dwell on the negative for very long I have been quite fed up recently due to feeling unwell. By writing down 2 different things I am grateful for each day will hep my brain stay focused on the positive things in life again.

 Week 11: Learn something new

I have a few weeks to decide what the new thing I want to learn is. It could be to learn new photography skills or something completely new. I love learning and think it would be a good challenge for the penultimate week of my 12 week challenge.

 Week 12: Reflection

The last week of the challenge I want to spend some time reflecting back on what made me feel good, what I have continued doing after its week, how do I feel now 12 weeks later and what can I do to keep feeling good and living my best life.

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