2017 Check In

Usually this time of year at work its time for me to complete appraisals with my team so I thought I would check in with the intentions I set for myself back in January to see how I am doing. If you want to refresh yourself the post is 2017 Intentions.  I had split mine into 3 categories:  

Family – Well we have definitely spent some quality time together and had two amazing family holidays. At the start of the year I was hoping that we could have one, so two has surpassed my expectations. It has been so nice to be able to relax and have fun as a team. It has really allowed us to create some memories. Plus we have seen two parts of the world – Cornwall and Rhodes – both equally as beautiful for different reasons.

Career – I wanted to network and look to develop my skills. I can’t say that I have really done this, this year. I have had some coaching which has really helped keep me on my toes and make sure that I am going to be the manager that my people deserve.

Me – I have focused more on this blog and have signed up to a blogging course which I have almost finished. This has really helped my confidence and know what I want to do. I always feel so fulfilled when I have spent time invest on my blog and I have so many ideas to share with you all. I have also attended two events which left me feeling really motivated and excited. Whilst I have read a few books this year not one has been on my list which I had put together in January which was surprising. I enjoy reading so much that as long as I do make time for it I don’t suppose I am bothered which order it happens.

So far 2017 has brought me lots of wonderful things which I am so grateful for. I have also learnt that I can let myself get a little run down and that in turn really impacts my energy levels. One thing that has shifted is my mindset and I now know that health is not just all about weight. This has made me so much kinder to myself. It has taken and is still an ongoing process to leave the diet mentality behind and is something I will continue with.  Here is what is on my mind for the rest of 2017:

Family – To continue spending time with my gorgeous family and revel in the times and memories that we can create. I want to start taking better and more pictures to capture the moment but not too many that I don’t stay in the moment. First step is to upgrade my phone which will be happening in Autumn so something to look forward to… until I drop it!

Me – I definitely need to up my reading game and I am going to set myself a target of one book per month. It may not sound a lot however I also want to spend time in my blog and have time for friends and family.

Exercise / Energy – I feel like these two are linked  so it makes sense to keep them together. I am going to listen to my body so that I know what helps it build and restore my energy levels. Exercise really helps with this, so I am going to continue with swimming a few times a week and I want to fit in a yoga class. I sit at a desk for the majority of my day so a form of exercise which stretches my muscles and body will be really beneficial.

Blog – I have found that at times I hold myself back on here, instead of just getting on with it. I have so many ideas and so much excitement that I am going to stop over thinking. This little blog right here is over 1 year old and I didn’t celebrate it as I considered myself too new. Well that’s changed now so watch out year 2! I really want to tackle all things relating to well-being and share it on here.

The great thing about setting yourself goals / intentions is that you  can change them anytime when you feel you have changed so that they are always aligned to you being the best version of you.

Have you anything you would like to do this year? Have you done anything that you are proud of so far in 2027, if so I would love to hear about it, Feel free to leave a comment updating me

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