2017 Intentions

Well hello there and Happy New Year!

Its that time of year where all of our news feeds become spammed with New Year, New Me. I don’t really go in for that way of thinking as I think I am still just as awesome as the day before.   

I used to set resolutions each January and then go through all of the guilt of not being able to do them. So now I reflect on what has worked well, what didn’t work as well as I thought it would do, what do I want to achieve and what do I need to change to help me focus. So here goes….

Family –
To continue moving towards a healthier and more active lifestyle – We love to go to the Yorkshire Dales for days out. Fresh air, lots of green spaces and an ice cream is one of our favourite family days out.
To spend quality time together away from any devices on a regular basis – this can be a full time job in itself, so I need to create exciting alternatives.
To have a family holiday and weekends away to keep our spirits and energy high – In our busy modern lives it is so important to be able to take time out, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Career –
To be the best I can be in my current job – I am a team manager so want to give my team the best leader as that is what they deserve. I also want to let my light shine.
To look and seize opportunities where I can develop my skills and my network – this is something which I haven’t been very good at in recent years, so open to any ideas!

Me –
To spend more time on activities I love and that energise me – I want to focus on this blog. I love writing, yet its one of the first things which I drop when under pressure. I really want to find my vibe with blogging and wellbeing overall
To read more books – I have a list of books that I already ant to read and then some to re read from 2016. I will post regular updates with books, blogs and podcasts I am currently listening to.
To be my own personal cheerleader in whatever I or my family want to do – this could include all of the above and anything else that may happen throughout the year.

My intentions may seem slightly vague however I feel that they are flexible enough to flow with my life and whatever happens. Life is an adventure to be loved and lived so I want my intentions to give me scope to grow and take away any guilt about not achieving a certain goal by a certain time. I will however be reflecting on all of these each month and will post about them, so If something does not appear to be working then I can quickly change to keep my motivation and energy high.

Have you set any intentions or resolutions? I would love to hear about them

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