2018 Review

For many people the last few weeks of the year is a time of taking stock of 2018. This year it’s felt like I have looked back not just over this year, but the last few years. I’m a huge believer that life will keep bringing you the same lesson until you have learnt it once and for all. 2018 has brought me celebrations, highs and some lows. Its been a funny old year and one that I will look back on kindly and with a dose of reality. Here is my 2018

The Lows:

At the start of year I was under the weather and picked up just about every bug and virus going for a few months. I had a nasty bout of tonsillitis, closely followed by sinusitis. I was spending most of my weekends in bed and feeling very sorry for myself.  It seems apt I am spending the last few days of the year with a sore throat and one very muffled ear!

I realised that my needs and wants have been slipping down a very long list over the last few years. I have a tendency to slide in to being a people pleaser from time to time. It’s something I do myself and means I start to care too much about what others think. This has made me doubt myself, compare myself to others, overthink things, worry all the time, people please to my detriment and not believe in myself. All of this had left me feeling worn down. 

I unexpectedly lost a friendship at the start of the year. I initially found this heard because someone it was a close friend.  When we first met we were in such different places than we are now and I suppose we are different people now. Friendships evolve and change as we do as people. It’s important that your friends give you energy, respect and unconditional space to be yourself. If that doesn’t work for one of you, or both of you, then the best thing is to move on gracefully. 

I know I am really fortunate to be able to travel to places far away but lets discuss jetlag. I had two migraines, not much sleep, an upset stomach and felt punch drunk for days. It was definitely worse coming back to the UK then going out for me. My body does not like crossing several time zones at once. Whilst it didn’t spoil the holiday, I wasn’t feeling the usual holiday glow after two weeks away in the sun!

The Highs:

Bali was the highlight of the year for me. I was fortunate enough to be able to go for to weeks and I enjoyed every second of it. I was surprised at how busy the villages were. Streets were bustling with people day and night, the heat was intense and the shops were open until late in the evening. The hotels were like a retreat with the plinky plonky music playing and the sound of running water. The best thing about Bali are the people trying to ensure you had the best time in their island.

It would be fair to say that for the last few years I have felt stuck in my career. I have had to move jobs due to circumstances in the business rather than a planned career move. It’s felt like I have been stagnating rather than progressing. In the last few days of the year an opportunity presented itself which I successfully secured. I felt such a sense of achievement and I am now ready and raring to go for the new challenges the new job will bring. 

I reminded myself once more that other peoples behaviour is not something that you can control or sometimes even influence. What I can influence is my behaviour and whether I react or respond. As the year progressed I tried hard with this and do feel I am getting better with it. The more I embrace my needs the easier this becomes. 

I joined Slimming World this summer and lost just over a stone. There are a lot of divided opinions out there about these types of plans and I can see both sides. For me, this provides me with a prompt to be more mindful about the choices I am making. I felt so unhealthy and unfit that I wanted to do something for me. 

There was a 40th birthday in the house this year (not mine!) which was a well celebrated event, cocktails with the girls, family and friends days out at the beach and more reading than I have done for a while. 

In summary 2018 made me realise that some years about the day to day life stuff, that not every year will have major life events in and that’s the reality of life. It’s totally fine to have a year that is about plodding away. 

Now its your turn, how has 2018 been for  you? 







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