2019 & Me

hello and welcome 2019

Firstly Happy New Year. I hope you had a fabulous time celebrating however you chose to. I love New Year. I love the in between time where the days roll in to one and I can completely switch off. I love the excitement and the possibility of what the new year ahead could bring. I love how the freshness and crispness of a new year makes me feel. I love that I buy new stationary to mark the occasion. A new year to me feels like the first blank page of a note book.

Each year I spend time thinking and brainstorming about the year ahead, what my hopes, dreams and desires are. Personally, making new years resolutions are not for me. I don’t like the pressure the whole new year, new me bullshit brings. Over the last few years I have tried different approaches such as having a word of the year or an intention. Last years is here if you fancy a read of it.

Things to consider

I knew that I wanted to move away from chasing numbers or things. I am not an overly materialistic person so tend not to accumulate lots of things but I do put myself under a lot of pressure to be “perfect” and can compare myself to others.

I like to dance to the beat of my own drum so I knew that was important for me to bring that fun and playful side of me out more. My goals need to have some degree of flexibility built in so I feel I have space if things change part way throughout the year. Also as I am starting a new job in January I don’t want to burn myself out.

The first thing I did was to I visualise myself looking back at 2019 in 12 months time. I took note of what I was wearing, what was happening around me, what I could smell, the colours around me and increased the intensity as if I was there. I wrote down everything and focused on how I was feeling at that time.

2019 – The Year of Me!

This year I am going to devote my energy to doing the work of listening to who I am and what my needs truly are. It will be me turning my focus inwards, understanding my truth and making sure I live it in all it’s full glorious colour. Situations, events and life all have the ability to change you over a period of time. It’s important you give yourself the time and space to check back in with yourself.

I am not here to be mediocre or give this life a half arsed attempt. I want to live my life in a balls to the wall kind of way. In many years to come I want to look back on a lifetime of memories, laughter and happiness. I want to be so comfortable in my own skin that it would seem absurd for me not to be.

Sitting here, writing this makes me feel a little nervous and excited but in a good way. It feels like I am at the beginning of living my potential, instead of talking or reading about it. I guess I have written it here to make me accountable, to make sure I do the work I want to do. Don’t get me wrong I am not unhappy with my life, but I know I hold myself back so much. There is always something or someone else to consider before me. Fear and nerves stop me from me leaving my comfort zone. Applying for the job was the first step towards letting myself fly freely. It was the first step for me to start truly following my dreams.

Tell me do you have any goals for 2019 you want to focus on? Do you enjoy the in between time between Christmas and New Year? I would love to hear about it.

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