January’s Favourites & February’s Goals

Another blink of an eye and another month has whizzed by. There have been days in January where it felt never ending however overall it doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was toasting the new year in. As my intention for this year is Joy I thought I would start with all of: January’s Favourites: 

  • New Years Eve I went to a Masquerade Ball at the local hotel. It was a fabulous evening and so much fun with a casino theme, dancing and drinking the New Years in.
  • I enrolled into Sophie’s e course which I am thoroughly enjoying and it is making me think about how I can improve my content and blog for you lovely people!
  • I have definitely found my love of reading again which I will be doing a separate post on but so far I have read 3 books and a list I want to get through.
  • We decided to go for a family day out in the countryside and went to see Aysgarth Falls which is a beautiful place. I really want to go back in Summer.
  • It may be early in the year however I can see that the nights are getting ever so slightly lighter. I still leave work and its dark however it’s not quite as dark as it was a month ago.
  • Usually I kill indoor plants quite unintentionally  but I have found a plant which can outlive me. My poinsettia is still going strong and adds a lovely splash of colour i my kitchen.
  • My approach of taking it easy and using January as a transitional month has definitely been the right approach for me. I have been going to the gym for a swim a few times a week and feel so much better for it.

February’s Goals:

  • To continue with doing more of what brings me joy, more reading, more spending time outside, more time here and fitting in a couple of swims each week.
  • To focus a little more on what I am eating but in a include more vegetables kind of way.  I think I am having a little too many sweet treats and need some more spinach for a few weeks
  • I want to  be less wasteful in all areas of my life. I want to waste less food, less money and time. I suppose to be more mindful and make sure I spend my time with the people I love doing things I love.

How has 2018 been so far for you?  

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