A little me time, anyone?

I thought my first post would be about something which I think is so important to contribute to feeling fabulous. I had myself some good old fashioned time, well me time to be precise. I was running low on energy as I have recently felt very tired and emotional which makes me difficult to be around. I genuinely don’t mean to be however when I become tired I lose parts of my rational brain and seem to just react. I also want to mention that we are in the process of selling our house and its been a little slower than we anticipated which has caused some stress (thats a whole different post).  As part of learning about myself I know if I am tired it impacts what choices I make and how I look after myself.

I booked a day off work so I could have a nice long relaxing weekend. One where we had no plans in place so that we could just relax. On Friday I did a few things around the house and then treated myself to a mid afternoon nap. I had a nice walk in the sunshine and caught up on a little binging on TV. I made a chicken stir fry and enjoyed a few glasses of red. The weekend followed that theme, mid afternoon baths, naps, a few jobs in the house, reading awesome blogs about health and the birth of this blog. I also downloaded a meditation app called Calm which I am trying to use daily. Most days I cannot make 5 minutes of it without falling asleep. It’s so relaxing!  Its now Sunday evening and I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead all because I took a few hours out to stop and relax. It gave me the time to also spend the boyf as we areoften busy  throughout the week.

Taking time out, I think, is so important for everyone, especially in our modern world. We are all so busy, items to cross off on a to do list (I do love a good list though), shopping to name a few. In a society where speed and efficiency seems to be rewarded make sure that you stop once in a while to appreciate and reflect on what you have achieved. For me I really need that time out and its not something which many people are encouraged to do. I feel like I have listened to what my body needed and let it have that downtime. This makes me feel ready to look after the people I care in my life by giving them the best version of me. I still have work to do in that I want to make it a regular thing instead of waiting until I feel on the edge.  Now though I feel good and ready for the next few weeks ahead knowing I am in a good place to make healthy choices.

 What do you do when feeling tired or run down?  How often do you take time out for you?  

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