Welcome to my corner of the internet and thank you for stopping by. Feel free to have a little look around but before you do, I suppose I should tell you some things about me…

I’m Zoe, a 30 something woman going about living my best life. I want to continue exploring the world, experiencing adventures, making memories and having fun with the people I love. I’m a little sweary from time to time and I drink coffee in a morning and tea in the afternoon.

I live near Skipton and work in Leeds so I have a taste of the city life and the beauty of the countryside on my doorstep. I believe a big old country walk is good for the soul and will cure most problems.

I love red lipstick, dancing, wearing heels, products, make up, reading, cocktails, prosecco, my family, my friends, luxury candles (I mean who doesn’t), writing, making up stories about people who walk by, stationary and feeling fabulous.

This blog is for me to capture all of this and more with positivity, motivational, a little healthy dose of attitude and lifestyle slant.

I hope you enjoying reading it all as much as I love writing