Aprils Favourites

April has been a true Spring month with the turbulent weather, lighter days and beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere. I always feel like Spring is a time of rejuvenation and blossom for everything and everyone. I definitely feel like that about my blog. Here is a round-up of my favourite things that happened in April: 

  • I made it back to the gym and once the initial visit had been done I love it now. The first time I went back to the gym this month, I nearly cried, it was awful. Then I decided to do what I enjoy, so now I go swimming, I have done an aqua zumba and pilates class. I am still trying to figure out which classes I will stick with, but the important thing is that I don’t hate it. I am now viewing it as a form of self care and time out from the world. Regular exercise is not just for losing weight, it is for good mental health and feeling like a kick ass goddess.
  • We had our first family holiday in Cornwall. It is a gorgeous part of the world and we all fell in love with it. I had a few childhood family holidays there and wanted to create some good memories for us. We spent a day at Fistral Beach and it was fabulous, the sun was shining, the ocean was freezing and we dug out lots of holes and made sand castles. That was my favourite day as we had innocent and child like fun. We then went to DairyLand Farm World and spent a whole day petting animals, playing on play areas and generally running around. I was suffering slightly as I had major sunburn going on. It was a lovely time for us as a family and I came back feeling relaxed. I definately think we are going back next year but this time for a little longer.
  • I treated myself to a make up upgrade to MAC products. I bought myself foundation, eye make up palette and concealor. I now feel even more fabulous when I put on make up.
  • There is no way I was going to let this month go by without giving a shout out to Easter and Easter Eggs. First up you get an extended weekend which meant for 4 days of my holiday allowance I got 9 days off. Then you get to eat chocolate and in my house its for breakfast at Easter.

April has been a great month for me. What’s been your favourite things in April?

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