August Favourites & September Goals

August has felt like a real mixed month of being busy and balancing that with time to rest. August has given us some really hot summery days which I have really enjoyed: 

August –

A week off with the family where we spent lots of days outside in the Dales and getting lots of vitamin D and sunshine. It felt really good to be outside and taking in the beauty of where we live.

I have finally got to reading books this month and even a few trips to the library. I do like to read a lot of personal development books so it was really good to read fiction just for fun.

We had a birthday in the house this month. We had a great family day out to celebrate with homemade birthday cake.

The Great British Bake Off is back! I do love this program and I always really get into baking when this is on and find it quite relaxing when I have time to get my bake on.

I attended two workshops with The Body Shop in Leeds. One was an evening about wellness which was interesting and the second was a VIP evening. I treated myself to a new cleanser as well.

I have always been fascinated by the Moon and how it impacts us and our behaviour. So I was a little excited about the solar eclipse. I didn’t manage to see it myself but I did see plenty of pictures of it and it looked amazing.

I have definitely been blogging more this month and feel that I am starting to find my voice and embracing the mindset of writing about different things.

I was approached to do my very first sponsored post. I was quite excited about this just because it meant someone had read my posts and liked what they had seen. I have so much to learn and this experience really opened my eyes to that.

September goals –

September is one of my favourite months as it is the start of autumn which I just love. All the coziness, crisp mornings and the beautiful colours that nature puts on display.

I have a very busy and fun packed month ahead of me with music festivals and my birthday in September. It’s going to be so important that I practice self-care regularly so that I don’t feel burned out or run down by the month end.

Schedule in dates with myself at the gym. Whilst I’m not one for the treadmill I want to continue my focus on yoga and swimming this month.

I always reflect back on the last year when it’s my birthday so it feels ike a fresh start and my own new year.

Did you see the solar eclipse? Have you set yourself any goals for September? 

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