Autumn Wardrobe Refresh

Lately I have felt completely uninspired whenever I have opened my wardrobe. Half of my wardrobe no longer comfortably fits me and the other half I just don’t feel is me anymore. 

My attitude towards clothes shopping as been one of I do it when I have to. I always think well I’m going to lose weight so I will just get something to put me on. Which, means I have not really put much consideration into my style.

I love wearing dresses and skirts with prints and bold colours. These days I wear dark colours and don’t give much thought to my the finished look. So I have decided enough is enough. Life is too short to wear clothes that don’t make you feel fabulous.

The first thing is for me to have a good old clear out of my current wardrobe. Anything that I have not worn for 12 months or do not like is going.

Here are some items that I feel will really add to my wardrobe. If not these exact ones, then similar style, shape or colour:

I love a good pair of boots especially knee high boots. I can’t remember the last time I had a pair that I loved. These ones are on the Simply Yours website at £49.99. As I will be wearing these most days then I see them as an investment:

I really want a good blazer that will work with jeans and work trousers. At the moment I have cardigans which are lovely but I want to smarten up my look a little. I do struggle to find good tops that fit due to having a large bust. This one is on the Dorothy Perkins website (I love Dotty P’s)

I love how deep and rich this blue top is. This would work well with a skirt or trousers so another good investment piece.

Until recently I have always had a denim skirt or dress. I found this one on the Sainsbury’s website. I really like the detail and the pockets on the front:

I already have a lot of scarves which can add a nice splash of colour. I am going to get back into wearing coloured tights. I love blue, grey and purple coloured tights and they are an easy way to give different looks without having to spend on a whole new wardrobe.

I am going to pick up a one or two pieces a month to make sure I am buying clothes that I love and to give myself plenty of browsing time.

Whilst this may seem like it’s about how I look, it’s really about feeling my best. For me part of living a fabulous and healthy life is being the best version of me and feeling great and confident. The clothes you wear is an extension of how you feel, therefore it makes sense to only wear what you feel good in.

Have you done a style / wardrobe refresh before? If so do you have any tips?

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