Being Fabulously Healthy

Recently I have thinking about what it means to be fabulously healthy. So here goes… First and foremost your weight does not define your worth as a person. This is something which has taken me years to really understand and get in to my head. For so long I  have beaten myself up for not being the right weight or dress size and its all total bollocks. Be whatever size or weight you want, if that means a size 12, 16 or 28 then who cares. Its your body.  There are so many elements of people’s lives which influence someones overall state of health. When you understand this and can accept where you are then you will feel fabulous which makes everything flow more easily and that’s where the best of you happens.

Being fabulously healthy is all about accepting where you are, knowing and loving you who are and treating yourself like the goddess that you are. There will be peaks in your life where you don’t need to focus on what makes you feel fabulous and then there will be other times where its a daily effort. I have lived through both phases and I am sure I will do again. Here are some things which I think contribute to me being fabulous:

Mindset work is an ongoing process and so key to how you feel, think and perceive yourself and the world around you. You can eat and exercise all you like however I am sure that whatever journey you are on it does not start with what you’re doing, it starts with your mindset. You need to look at what your relationship with yourself is like firstly, what do you think about yourself and more importantly what do you say to yourself when nobody is around. If you are not treating yourself as awesomely as you would your best friend then any goals you have will be so much more difficult to achieve. I try to address this by listening to podcasts by awesome people, read self-development books and then see what can work for me. If you are struggling to see how fabulous you are then ask a close friend what your qualities are. They will remind you of how fabulous you truly are.

Losing the labels on food is another big one. Food is neither good or bad, dirty or clean, it is an inanimate object which we assign labels to. Food is there to nourish and fuel us. I got into a place where I didn’t enjoy food and saw it as a chore. I never felt satisfied with what I had just eaten, so was always on the lookout for the next meal.  I am in the process of letting that shit go and I am starting to enjoy what I eat. I think about what I want to eat, sometimes for pure pleasure and sometimes on what I will need to fuel me through until after the gym. Some days I eat crisps and chocolate and other days I increase my vegetable intake.  The message here is enjoy your food and let go of labels.

Quality of sleep is so important to me. If I do not get enough sleep then I am generally a pain in the ass. I become emotional, irrational and obviously tired. If I’m hungry then hangry doesn’t even come in to it. I make sure that I go to bed at a decent time each night as I am up at half 6 most mornings. If I am really struggling to sleep then I will have a Pukka Night Time herbal tea. It relaxes me and helped me get to sleep. Sleep is underrated in this world, but not mine!

Exercising is something I have always seen as something I have to do instead of wanting to do until this year. It’s so important to choose an exercise that you enjoy and that will revitalise you. I have joined a gym, not so that I can spend hours on a treadmill as I not ready for that. I go swimming, do aqua zumba and Pilates. I love doing this and enjoy it so I want to go. I also understand that there are days and weeks where I cannot get to the gym or do not feel up to it and that’s ok too.

Love yourself like you do your best friend, partner, husband or children. You cannot be the best version of yourself if you are running on empty. I should know as I have tried, as I am sure you have. I felt overwhelmed, tried, cranky and everything becomes a chore and hard work. I don’t believe that life is supposed to be hard, I think that at times it can be harder than others, but overall it is be enjoyed and loved. These days I much prefer to focus on how fabulous I am. Don’t get me wrong I have some days where I need to remind myself more than others and  have some days where I exude it. I make sure I take time out for myself, to be creative, to recharge, to nap and have fun. I stop saving that gorgeous smelling cream for a special occasion. Every day I wake up is a special occasion in my book. Celebrate your quirks and all the fabulousness of you.

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