Birthday Time

Last week I turned 37 and to be honest it was not my favorite thing. I love having a birthday and celebrating with my family and friends. Obviously the lovely cards and presents you get also help make your day feel awesome. The difference this time was that 37 feels old, I feel old. 

Yes I know there will be a lot of people out there who think 37 is no age at all and there is a part of me that completely agrees. I just don’t know how it’s happened and it feels like the years are flying by and seem to be getting quicker each year. I have not looked forward to this one, this year, although I had a lovely weekend and day with my family.

I like to think of my birthday being a new year and a time to think about how well the previous year has gone and what I want to do in the coming year. Whilst New Year in January is a lovely time to celebrate its not as personal and the dark nights morning, nights and cold weather do not always set me up to do my best. As my birthday is in Autumn which is a time of letting go and harvesting it feels like the right time for me to look at this.

This next year I want to focus on:

Creating a style / look for my wardrobe. I have fallen into bad habits when buying clothes and usually choose what fits me and not put any consideration in to what makes me feel fabulous. My first task with this is to clear out  my current clothes and only keep what I love. I will then put together a clothes wish list and each month get a few of the items from them. I’m really looking forward to selecting out pieces of clothes and creating my own style that makes me feel amazing.

I am very good at starting things, such as starting a healthy eating plan, going back to the gym, working on this blog etc. When life gets busy or in the way I drop these things pretty quickly, telling myself I am just trying to balance out demands on me. In reality I am dropping the things that I enjoy doing and that make me feel good. This year I am going to make these my non negotiables and get out of this cycle of starting over at the same stage.

After some thought I want to enjoy being in the moment more which I have started to make a shift to doing more regularly over the last few months. I will need to learn to practice being more mindful and letting my brain have a break of constantly thinking about what the next thing is.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I struggle to let my mind not have a constant to do list running through it. Being aware of this is definitely the first step for me to become more mindful. I have enrolled onto an online course in mindfulness to give me some guidance.

 I love the idea of having your own personal New Year reflections and intentions period. Do you do anything similar for your birthday? 

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