Birthday Treat Day

Treat yo self 2017 part 1 …. We have a tradition in our family on the day closest to your birthday and all 4 of us are together we have a Birthday Treat Day. As it may sound like, that day is full of fun and surprises  for the birthday person. Last weeks it was my other halfs birthday so last weekend we had our first birthday treat day of the year. I love planing fun surprises for my family and so far this year is the best yet.

We start the day with croissants for breakfast which we only have for birthdays Christmas Day. So it feels like a great start to the day. Once we were all ready we then head out. This year I didn’t give anything away so it was a real surprise where we went.

First stop was the Keighley Valley Steam Train ride. We drove to Oxenhope station as they have loads of spaces for parking and it’s not too far away. It was quite a sunny day so we could see all the gorgeous country side on the train ride. At Ingrow station there is a museum so you can jump off the train and have a little stroll round it. We had a picnic whilst on the train. I love having picnics as it always feels more fun  than a shop bought sanger. Plus with a few fussy eaters on board I know they are having food they like. I have learnt to not take on hungry children!

We had a little coffee break at Costa on the way there and then we were off to a trampoline park. We went to the one at Kirkstall Road, Leeds, Oxygen. It was fantastic and we all had a great time.The kids completely loved it  and just ran round for 1 hour, jumping everywhere.There was a huge air bag that you could trampoline on to and the kids seemed to spend most of their time on that and the obstacle course. A lot of the parents seemed to sit in the viewing cafe however we didn’t. We were down on the trampolines and jumping into the foam pit with the kids. I was knackered but it was such good fun. The place is really well organised and although the staff look young they were really good and made sure the kids were all playing well. I can’t believe I organised this when it’s a few weeks away from us going on holiday, everyone kept safe and in one piece though.

Once we had completed our hour there it was time to get some food. A firm favourite is 5 Guys burger place. Whilst it is a little expensive it is totally worth it. The food is delicious and there is so much choice of toppings. The portion sizes of the fries are huge so we shared and we were all full.

The next birthday treat day is not for a few months away so I have time to plan another fun and awesome day. I have officially declared myself as the Queen of Birthday Treat Days too!

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