Blogtober: The Results!

Laptop and papers ready for blogtober

A few weeks ago you may remember me talking about what Blogtober is. It’s here if you fancy a read. Today I want to talk about what actually happened.

Blogtober: How did i do?

Well, in terms of Blogtober the challenge, I failed miserably. I didn’t post every day or even half of the month. I did manage 10 posts which is a third of the months challenge. So in that respect I do feel a little disappointed.

On a more positive note that is the most amount of posts I have put out in one month all year. This I feel really good about. One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to push myself more which I feel I did.

Blogtober: What did i learn?

If I were to do this challenge again I would plan ahead and have at least half of the months content written and scheduled. I was literally writing and editing the day I was posting. When you have a 7 hour time difference and your sat by the pool that’s easy to do. Not so much when you are back at work.

I also completely underestimated how bad jet lag can make you feel. I have never suffered with it before and it hit me going out and coming back. The week back in the U.K. was the worst and this was when I lost my rhythm of posting. I do think I would have posted more had this not have happened. Although, not sure if I would have made it to the end of the month.

Whilst I may not have succeeded the challenge I do feel like I still had a win. I feel ready and raring to go with lots of ideas. Focusing on my blog made me realise why I started it. I absolutely love writing and putting my thoughts and ideas out in to the world and connecting with other people through it. What else could you really want!

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