Blogtober – What is it & Why am I doing it?

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Blogtober is back and welcome to day one everyone.  It’s also a brand new month and I always feel October means we are right in the middle of Autumn. All of the gorgeous smelling candles are out, conker season is in full force and I generally live under a blanket. <–more Read More >

I am currently sat in the middle of the Indian Ocean so I’m not quite living the Autumn life just yet. I am very much looking forward to feeling cosy to help me get over the holiday blues when I get back though!

What’s Blogtober all about?

The challenge is simple! To create new content for your blog every day in October. I don’t believe there are any rules (if anyone knows of any then please let me know). I want to make sure that I don’t create content just for the sake of it. So the challenge for me is to balance the volume with the quantity.

Why I am doing Blogtober:

I love spending time creating content, brainstorming and editing posts but I do struggle being as consistent as I want to be. I always feel like I am running out of hours in the day or that life gets in the way. When really it’s about finding a routine that I can manage alongside a full time job, friends and family time.

By taking part in Blogtober I am hoping it will really help me find that routine and balance. I have a lot of dead time on my daily commute and it’s so easy to get lost in a scroll hole instead of working on my blog. By committing to posting every day it will force me to look at what I spend my time on and utilise my time more effectively.

I want to challenge and push myself creatively and try writing different types of content.

Another reason to participate in Blogtober is my blog is the only platform that I own. This means I am not subject to any algorithms. My blog is a place where I can create my own community of people who resonate with me and my content. Taking part in Blogtober is really a way for me to invest more time in that place.

I am quite determined to give this challenge my all and hopefully you will enjoy being with me through it. I will be using #blogtober on my social media and I would love it if you followed along!

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