Book Review: Playing Big

Book review - Playing Big

This book has been on my reading list for a while. I heard Tara Mohr on the podcast Hashtag Authentic a few months ago. I finally downloaded it via the Kindle app a few weeks ago. Whilst I love reading an actual book but I have to confess the Kindle app makes me life a lot easier. Today I wanted to do a book review and share what I was able to take away from it. 

The book appealed to me because it was something which we don’t often talk about, woman playing bigger. It discusses so many ways in which this happens and how we can change it. I think it is a good thing if we all dream big and then go for it.  There have definitely been times where I have held myself back or not dreamt big enough. This book helped me understand why and provided me with some techniques to recognise and manage in the future.

Inner Critic:

When I was reading this chapter it really resonated with me. I have quite an active and at times loud inner critic. By following the exercise in the book I could really visualise this voice and add a character to it. This visualisation helped me separate what was being useful and whats was just noise. I also realised that my inner critic can be mean to myself. Whilst the inner critics voice will always be there and part of it is understanding it’s ultimate aim is to protect me. I feel more confident knowing when to listen to it and when to acknowledge it and switch off from it.

Inner Mentor

I really enjoyed this chapter of the book. I love the idea that you are being encouraged to find answer is within yourself. Usually when I have to decide something and I feel nervous I already know what I need to do. When I did the exercise of visualising my inner mentor, giving that side of my personality a character and name, made me feel really calm and peaceful. There have been some situations where I have turned to that character and been able to think through the situation.

Unhooking from feedback

This was a game changer for me. Part of my career have been about delivering and receiving feedback. As a manager of people I have always believed that feedback should have a positive intent, otherwise it should not be given. I had never considered it the feedback could be about the person giving the feedback. Personally I have found feedback useful to help me improve and drive me. However at times I can also take feedback a little personally. It helped me to take a step back and unhook from feedback. Thinking about it in this way makes it all much less personal and easier to deal with. That’s not to say that you don’t have any learning from the feedback. Previously I would worry about the feedback and what that person thought about me. By thinking about it in this way I can unhook from the worry and just listen to what is being said.

I enjoyed reading this book and will definitely revisit it again in a few months, as there is still plenty more to take from it. I would recommend this book for woman to read as I think there is something in it for everyone.


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