Brunch and An Abbey

These are days out from our family week off in August. 

After a relaxing and lazy day in we were ready and raring to get back outside for another adventure by Wednesday. So we decided first up let’s go and get some food. Eating out as a family of 4 can be a little pricey so we try to go for lunches, breakfasts or brunch.

We headed out to Settle to return to a firm favourite Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe for brunch. I cannot tell you how much I love their bacon, it’s seriously good. The kids really enjoyed it as well and I think they felt a little fancy going for brunch. The kids ordered a milkshake which apparently the best milkshake they have ever had.

At this point we had not decided what to do for the rest of the day, it was just unplanned fun and exploring. We came across Sawley Abbey which is just outside of Clitheroe. Sawley Abbey is an English Heritage site and is free to go and have a look around. It is the ruins of a Cistercian Abbey and whilst it’s not a day out, more like an hour, so make sure you have other things to do nearby. It has signs telling you what part of the Abbey was there and what it was used for as you walk around the ruins.

Sawley Abbey

Although it doesn’t look like it in the above picture, the weather was great again, which made the difference. We all played hide and seek for a little while around the ruins which was so much fun. I think sometimes as adults its good for us to let our inner child come out and play, let go and just have fun for funs sake. Right next to it, is a playground which was a good bonus!

From there we went to Connelly Park which is a huge playground and open space for everyone to chill out, ride a bike, play on the swings and even have a picnic. This is a great open space with lots of different things for the kids to play.

Where do you go out for days out as a family?

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