Cuppa, Catch Up and The Next Few Months

All about myself drinking a coffee

Would I even be British if I didn’t mention that it definitely feels like Summer is coming to an end? I really enjoyed what felt like endless Summer days. I cannot remember the last time we had such a gorgeous Summer. Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn, the crispness of the air and the big cosy jumpers are definitely my thing. Not to mention all the seasonal candles and colours.  Although another few weeks of sunshine would not go a miss either!    

I haven’t done a catch up post for a while and felt like it was a good time to update you all on life and my plans for the next few weeks. So grab a cuppa and have a couple of minutes out. Admittedly, I haven’t spent as much time on here as I would have liked. The last few weeks I have been super busy and felt like I am running round in circles trying to keep on top of my ever increasing to do lists. I started to feel a little bit overwhelmed so I decided to take life at a slightly slower pace.

Sometimes it feels like I don’t have time to do everything, however deep down I know it is a case of priorities. I have had this week off work and for once I have completely stopped which has given me a chance to relax, have naps and read. The last few days before you take any time off work is a hectic time trying to get everything handed across and updated. The good news is that when I go back I only have 3 weeks until my holiday!

I have been focusing a lot on eating healthily and listening to my body, which has taken up some head space. I feel so much better for doing this and I am starting to feel and see the results now. Changing your habits takes a lot of concentration and honesty with yourself. I definitely feel like I am making some long lasting positive changes.

having a cuppa and a catch up

Blog Life

There are half a dozen blog  posts in draft but recently whenever I have sat down I have had a complete block. The screen has stared back at me and I have not been able to put a cohesive sentence together. I love writing these type of posts and find they give me a little boost back on track. This week I have been tinkering behind the scenes, going back through some of the modules I did from an e course earlier this year. I love writing here and sharing my thoughts and parts of my life with you all. I particularly love it when I hear back from you.


rth falls

Whats next for 2018

This leads me onto what the rest of 2018 looks like. Well, I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to. It’s my birthday in a few weeks and then a few weeks after that I jet off to Bali for two weeks. I am already so excited and looking forward to exploring an amazing culture and country.

I am going to prioritise the time I spend here as well and challenging myself with the type of content I want to create. By putting it on here it is making me accountable as well. I have been working on some content planning for September and October already. Blogging alongside a full time job and a family definitely requires some organisation!

That’s it for my catch up. What have you have been up to? Do you have any plans or 

holidays on the horizon?


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