Favourites and Lessons of 2017

Already we are approaching the end of 2017 and I am sat here asking how did it manage to go so quickly. My Grandma used to say to me that once you turn 21 years old, time just flies by. Never a true word said.  For me 2017 has given me so many great experiences and also a few lessons to be learnt. This is a bit of a long one so I would get a cuppa or if you are still feeling festive a glass of wine and settle in. Without further ado, here they are: 

2017 Highlights: 

I have been fortunate enough to squeeze in three fabulous holidays this year. All of which have been very different experiences and I have completely loved. It started with going to Cornwall in April,  then followed a week long trip to Rhodes in June and then a city break for two to Rome in November. All have given me a chance to spend some time with my favourite people either playing in parks, diving in pools or sightseeing around cities.

2017 saw us spend one whole year in our gorgeous new home. We moved at the end of 2016 and then had to frantically get ready for Christmas. This year I wanted to put the accessories on hold and see how we used the space that we now have, which means I now have loads of ideas on what I want to do in each room. Adding all of the finishing touches is definitely by favourite thing when it comes to moving and decorating.

I have posted and worked more regularly on my blog in 2017. Whilst I still have more work to do to become consistent and balance quality content I feel like it is becoming a priority for me as we approach 2018. For some of this year I have had real moments of self doubt and questioned what I have to write or say is good enough. I feel like this will be an ongoing process for me however I now have more direction on where I want to take my blog.

I have had some great opportunities through my blog and feel more involved in the blogging community then ever before. It really does make such a difference when you can connect with people who understand all of the highs and lows of running a blog. The blogging community does have its moment where it can turn on each other however I focus on connecting with people who are positive and cheerlead each other along the way. Its such a positive community!

As a couple and family this year has been our best year financially. Don’t get me wrong I am not busting out the Bolly (Dahlings) anytime soon however we have worked so hard over the last few years to get out of debt and be in a position where we can relax a little and enjoy ourselves.

I have had some great times catching up with friends and family over cocktails, prosecco, coffee and generally keeping in each others lives. Myself and my friends are all at a point in our lives where we are really busy with families and careers. To keep in touch takes planning and organisation however it is always worth it and I cherish the times that we spend together sharing the details of our lives with each other.

Lessons I have learnt from 2017: 

Health should not be taken for granted is a lesson I have learnt this year. From about late summer onwards I have had a few minor ailments such as migraines, dermatitis on my face, stomach upsets, sciatica and a general feeling of run down and tiredness. 2016 was quite a stressful year with a few house moves thrown in. Instead of giving myself time to rest and recuperate I have kept pushing myself until I was worn out. I am now focusing on becoming healthy and my general well being.

Comparing yourself to other people is pointless. Everyone has their own journey (yeah I know, I used THAT word) to create and live. Most people are doing the best that they can, how they know. Just because someone seems to have “everything” on social media does not mean that they do or that you know the hardship they may be going through to get there. Social media is someone else’s highlight reel it is not always their real life. You do your best for you, whatever that may look like.

It’s absolutely wonderful to be who you are. Take pleasure in the films, music, books that you like, don’t apologise for who you are. I have always had a strong sense of who I am, strengths, flaws and all. This year because I have felt so tired and my energy levels have felt low I had started to doubt myself, felt a little insecure and not really taken the time to partake in activities that I like. Instead I have tried to please everyone else. That’s on me. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that and I love making the people I love happy,  a balance is needed so you can give your best to yourself and others.

Happy things in 2017: 

At times it may feel that the world is going crazy or at least question the direction that we are all heading. The news reports on bad situations and I cannot remember the last time a week went by without some sort of terror attack or plot happening. Do not ever lose faith in the world as there are great things happening every day out there, you just have to look:

People are bringing down sexual predators and speaking out every day. We are no longer accepting arsehole and offensive behaviour as the norm. People who believe they are above the law and sense of decency are being held accountable which is only a good thing in my book.

In Saudi Arabia woman are now legally allowed to drive. This is amazing and must be so liberating for the woman there.

Policemen danced with the general public at the One Love gig in Manchester. When cities are attacked in this country we show such strength, love and come together like nowhere else. This makes me feel proud of our country.

We are so close to eradicating the disease Polio which has impacted so many childhoods.

Scientists are understanding more about dementia and Alzheimer’s so that one day we can find a cure (hopefully).

The biggest protest in the history of the USA happened this year for womans rights. People are coming together and standing up for what they believe in non violent protests.

The snow leopards, giant pandas and the hump back whale are no longer on the endangered list.

Trump was taken off twitter for 11 wonderful minutes. Never has silence sounded so golden!

If you need a laugh then look on You Tube for an Irish family trying to get a bat out of their kitchen.

So, 2017 there have been times where it may  have been hard, or frustrating but it also has had wonderful, fun and happy moments.

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year as this is me over and out for 2017. I will see yoin in 2018!

What have been your highlights of 2017?

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