February Favourites & March’s Goals

I know I haven’t blogged for a few weeks however I have been thinking a lot about my blog and trying to put some more effort into planning. I will be writing a post about that over the next few weeks. 

Another blink of the eye and another month gone by. The months are just zipping by however each month is closer to holiday!

February’s favourites:

  • Plenty of time to rest and relax after a busy start to the year. I purposely kept the month clear of plans so that I could take some time out. I spent most of the time watching TV which is unusual for me.
  • Scandal is back and this makes me sssssoooooo happy. I love watching it.
  • Completed a challenge to walk 10k steps every day for 4 weeks for a works charity.I felt such a senseof achievement once this was completed.
  • Lighter mornings and evenings always make me feel happier
  • Progress made with healthy eating and so far lost 6lbs since the start of the year
  • Pancake Day –  need I say more

March Goals –

Reading – I really want to put some time aside to read more.This has been a slow burner for me so far this year and something I keep promising I will do. Whenever I read I always feel more relaxed and inspired to write more.

Writing – I love writing and recently I have felt worried more about doing it then actually just sitting down and writing. When I write I feel I am being creative and more myself. This month I am going to schedule time in for myself, make sure that I spend a little time setting up my enviornment so I feel inspired and happy.

Batch Coooking – Ok so I really want to have a freezer full of food so that on nights when I cannot be bothered or feel too tired to cook then I have someting ready to go. I am out of the house for 11 hours a day and I am often tired when I get home. By being more organised it will give me more time read and write.

What do you want to do this month? How was February for you?

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