Februarys Focus

I know it’s a few days into the month however its taken me a few days to become clear on what I would like to focus on this month. As we all know February is about love and relationships so what better month to focus on self care. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself so I want to check in with my overall well being.

This month I will:

Read more books. I love reading and find it a good way to relax and unwind. Recently I have been reading a lot of books on self development or leadership so I want to read a novel as a break and then return to the list of books I have for the year.

To make sure that I get enough quality sleep. I love my sleep but it can be quite inconsistent.I tend to wake up ridicously early or several times in the night. I want to create a relaxing bed time routine.

Exercise РI want to make sure I incoperate some movement every day. I have been thinking about starting yoga  at home with online classes initally. I walk 2 miles to the train station each work day so I want to build on that throughout the month.

What do you want from February? Have you set yourself any goals? I would love to hear what your self care looks like.

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