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Money can be a tricky topic for people to feel comfortable talking about. We all need to be savvy when it comes to money, there are temptations everywhere for us to part with our hard earned cash. I know at times I can be a little frivolous and I do love a treat yo’ self day. From people wanting to get on to the property ladder, to having more disposable cash to having some savings, to people wanting a nest egg for retirement, it seems that money is something we have to deal with all our lives! Enter GiffGaff!   

GiffGaff Gameplan

I was lucky enough to be invited to GiffGaff’s Gameplan Night where I heard  how they want to support their members to manage their money. GiffGaff call their customers, members and I think it’s a much lovelier word and meaning. It was really refreshing to hear a company that wants to go that extra mile especially. One thing GiffGaff are doing is providing their members with a free credit report to help start improve or understand their credit. The link is here

life goals card,counters and board game

Spend or Save

As well as hearing about all of that I also got to play a board game, which I loved! The same is called Spend or Save and the aim of the game is to is to finish with more money than the other players by the time you retire. You start the game as a 20 year old and every time you finish a lap of the board you age by 5 years all the way to retirement. It is similar to Monopoly in that you have chance cards and collect money every time you pass go.

Along the way you have lots of incomings and outgoings to keep a track of plus you have the options to buy lifetime goals.  Whilst it does have a serious point attached to the game, it was fun and I really enjoyed playing it. Very early in the game I had a chance card that meant I married in to money however there are plenty of surprises throughout to keep you on your toes. Just like real adult life! The top 3 winners from the overall evening also won money for a charity of their choice which was such a thoughtful gesture.

It was a really fun and enjoyable evening in really cool settings. The venue was Cuckoo bar in Leeds and I completely loved the décor. The evening has also made me think the ways in which I can be more responsible with my money too! I was so impressed with GiffGaff I am considering moving over when my contract is up. Plus we also got a lovely goodie bag at the end of evening which was a fab way to end.

If you want to hear more about GiffGaff’s philosophy or read more about the night then here you go

cocktail bar, very colourful and b right

giffgaff gameplan goodie bags

*photos were provided by GiffGaff

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