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The next few months are coming up to quite a busy time of the year as I have lots of family birthdays in the calendar and then straight into Christmas time. I know, I said the *whispers* Christmas word. I have already started to write out my list of Gift Ideas for people. Each year I try to be organised as I like to put thought into people’s presents and get them gifts that they will appreciate and not buy for theirselves.  This can make it difficult to buy gifts for some people and to be honest I have had a few last minute shopping trips where a slight panic buy has happened! have so many great gift ideas for a variety of occasions such as the office secret santa, to wedding gifts , to something a little fun for yourself. I have had a good look around the website and find it really easy to use. One thing that really struck me is how they are they are committed to being a sustainable company, from how they treat each individual to helping protect the environment. Uncommon Goods are also part of the Better to Give and B Corporation organization.

Here are a few ideas that caught my eye:

Hidden Crystal Candles – I love the idea of giving someone a gift which they can keep and that is slightly different from a usual candle. As the candles burn and infuse the house with gorgeous fragrances the crystals will appear. The crystals are for healing, good luck, and success. A perfect gift to support someones wellbeing.  Have a look at Unique Candles for more unusual and quirky candle ideas.


A Year of Gratitude – As you know I have posted about the benefits of practicing gratitude. This is a great idea for someone who may be new to this practice and give them a little helping hand to get going. What better gift to help someone realise how wonderful they are. The details for this gift are Gifts for Co-Workers


I really enjoyed spending time learing about Uncommon Goods and have some great ideas for meaningful and unique gifts without breaking the bank balance for my family and friends over the coming months.

*This is a sponsored post however all opinions and views expressed are 100% my own. 

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