January Blues

Its the first full week back at work for most people and for many its a hard one to get through. The glam and glitz of December with all the lovely parties, rich food and prosecco is no more. We are left with the odd month of January where according to social media we need to hit the year hard, eat half the amount we did last month and exercise like there is no tomorrow. On top of which the dark mornings and evenings make me just want to hibernate and keep all cosy at home. 

For anyone feeling like this here are a few ideas to help you enjoy the rest of the month:

– Start making plans and getting things in the diary. This is a great time to make plans with your nearest and dearest. It costs nothing to get dates in the diary and having something to look forward to always makes the winter days go quicker. There are plenty of deals on discount websites for days out and events so you can bag yourself a bargain too.

– Start looking at holidays – If you are planning to have a holiday this year then start looking at the destinations and deals that are available. Janaury is a good month for picking up a holiday bargain as the tour operators want to fill up the planes. If you are not quite at the booking stage then use the time to research hotels, villas, cruises and countries. Have the best holiday yet!

– Dress brightly. It’s so easy to stick to black and greys in winter and I know I can be as bad for this as anyone. Look through your wardrobe and add a brightly coloured scarf, red lipstick, statement necklaces or bright nail polish. If you want to go one step further use the sales as a great opportunity to revamp your wardrobe or treat yourself with a few key accessories or pieces.

– See your friends, go to each others houses and have a coffee or if you are like me and my friends a glass of wine. Take time to have catch up, watch a movie, whatever your and your friends like to do. The key thing here is to connect with people you love and you can be yourself.

– Go outdoors and get some fresh air. It is so easy to stay inside and become a couch potato. I know I am tempted to stay on the couch binge watching Netflix some days. I think that sometimes we all need those days to help relax and recharge ourselves. For me though, I love to be outside, weather allowing, going for a walk somewhere pretty or even just a walk to the local shop. It really does put some colour in to my cheeks and makes me feel more awake and fresh.

– Find a hobby or something that you are passionate about. It could be reading a book you didnt have time to last year, take up knitting, join a walking or running club, blogging, take a course, photography. There are endless activities for you to consider doing. The most important thing is that it is something that you enjoy and makes you feel good.

– Light your best candles and use the most expensive body cream that you have. Most woman get products at Christmas so crack them open and make yourself feel pampered instead of waiting for that special time or day.

– Embrace January and all of its quirks. By this I mean get all cosy and snuggly under a blanket, watch box sets, have nice long leisurely lie ins, batch cook soups and dinners so you can have lazy days and finish those mince pies.

How do you beat the January blues? I would love to hear what works for you.

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