January’s Favourites

This month has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe that already it’s the last few days of January. This month has pretty much gone by in a flash. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of getting older or a busy start to the year. 

So here is a round up of my favourite things that have happened this month:

– I have seen all of the people I love. It’s rare that I get to see everyone so close together as everyone is so busy. I moved house at the start of December which has meant I have been able to show off my new home, plus get in a few prosecco fuelled nights out and in. Its been fab to see everyone and hear what is going on in their life. I feel all cosy and caught up.

– Upgraded my skin care routine. I love products, I love smelling, wearing and testing them. This month I have been lucky enough to upgrade my skin care routine to more luxury products. The older I get the more its about quality instead of having all the products. It’s an absolute investment in my future self. I use the Temple Spa range now and whilst its early days my skin already feels so much softer.

– Work / life balance. This year sees me making a conscious effort to not work additional hours every day. I have no issues working over however when it is needed. I do not feel as tired and I am having a good break from work which can only mean I am more focused when I am there.

– I booked a family holiday away and I am already looking forward to it. Whilst I do not want to wish away the year it’s so nice to have something to look forward to get you through the dark morning and evenings.

– The mornings are lighter!!! I love that it’s no longer complete darkness when I leave the house for work. I just need the evenings to catch up. The lighter mornings remind me that Spring is not far away.

What have been your favourite things this month?

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