Joining the late 30’s club

Recently I became part of the late 30s club and whilst I may have had a slight freak out about it (you can read about it here) it did make me reflect on the differences of being in your late 20s to your late 30s. Here are some things that I think have changed: I am more compassionate and will try to understand other people’s situations more. I used to be very black and white but now I appreciate there can be a lot of grey areas.

I know that the difficult times will pass, although at the time it doesn’t feel like it. Whereas 10 years ago when I was going through a break up I didn’t know how I would cope now I have total faith that I can handle anything that comes my way.

I now plan my hangovers in as I recover faster from minor surgery then I do a hangover. Going out on a weekend and having a few drinks means I’m tired until Tuesday as standard.

My circle of friends is smaller than 10 years ago, however these are what I like to call the lifers. We have been through so many ups and downs through each other’s lives and we are still here. We haven’t always seen eye to eye on everything and had disagreements but we are all still here. You will lose some people from your life however that’s ok. Everyone has their own path to create in life and sometimes that means your lives go in different directions.

I do not tolerate drama or bullshit. To be honest I have always called things how I have seen it however these days I have even less time for it. As I am getting older I just don’t want to spend time on unnecessary drama.

I have definitely noticed that you receive more invitations for 40th birthday parties instead of 30th, weddings or christenings. There may still be a few of the wedding and christening invites out there to come but for the most part it’s the 40th invitations.

Your parents start asking if you remember so and so from school, or a certain teacher, neighbour, basically so they can tell you they have passed away. Most of the time you do not remember or have a vague recollection of the person you are being told about.

From about being 35 you start to think about pensions a LOT more than you used to do. All of a sudden you take an interest in what the Government is doing with the retirement age, how many years that means you have left to work and what are you going to do when you do retire and there is inevitably no state pension. This then has a knock on effect for you to start thinking about…

When can you pay off your mortgage. My mortgage is up for renewal next year and as we are both closer to 40, I’m already wondering when I can pay my mortgage off.

I suppose I have always done things in my own way and always felt that I was different to most people I know. Not in a good or bad way just different. I am definitely embracing this more and loving all of the quirks of what makes me, me.

What other people think of me is none of my business. It says more about them if they care about what I think or do. When I was younger I cared about what everyone thought of me. Now I couldn’t give a monkeys. More importantly I know and care about what the people I love think and that’s the most important thing to me.

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