July’s Favourites & August goals

July is such a beautiful month where the world is bouncing with colour, blue skies and sun shine. I really do feel that this year summer has really tried to give us a good one. My energy has felt low this month so this is something I will be working on. Saying that I have had plenty of good things happen this month: 

  • Long hot summer days where everything looks and feels brighter
  • We went to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 3 with the kids. I love the Despicable Me movies and I also  love going to the cinema so a great combo for me
  • Eating at Billy Bob’s Parlour.  It’s an American diner and the food is amazing. I would definitely recommend the burgers.
  • Laura did a blog review on mine and her feedback was so clear and has really helped me develop my blog and reignite my passion for it again.
  • Getting the tunes out and having a little dance around the house. I miss it so much when I don’t do it.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Love Island this year. Hey, haters can hate, I loved it!

August’s Line Up

I want to focus on getting into a regular exercise routine and eating healthily which will get my energy levels back up so I am ready for a busy month ahead in September. I have a day of batch cooking planned in to help me get off to a flying start

I have a week off work at home with the family so I really want to get us all outdoors and spend time making memories and having fun together.

I am really slacking on the reading front so August I am going to make sure I make time to relax with a cup of tea (or maybe a glass of wine) and get my read on.

What plans do you have for August?

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