Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival is a firm favourite in our house and we go every year. There are a few scarecrow festivals out there however in my opinion this is the best. The whole village has scarecrows in their gardens, around the village and some put together scenes with the scarecrows. 

It costs £3.00 parking and then £1.00 per trail sheet. You have a list of questions, when you know the answer you then go and find that scarecrow. On the scarecrow will be a letter, by the time you have worked your way around the village then should have a word. We did both the children’s and adults trail.

In the centre of the village we always stop for a refreshment and for some homemade cakes and buns by the local ladies. I think that homemade cake always tastes better. The last few years we have hidden in there until the rain has stopped however this year we had sunshine.


Once we had handed our trail sheets back in, we were all hungry so went off in search for food.  It had to be Billy Bob’s Parlour which is on our way back from the Yorkshire Dales. I was feeling, a little delicate, from the previous night so a burger and milkshake was right up my street and helped me recover. Whilst it’s no good for my waist, it was worth every bite. There are also two big play areas for the kids, so they get to play and run around like crazy people as only kids can.

burrger billy bobs

So this is the end of my posts for our family week together. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the different activities and places we went to and seeing the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.


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