Laughter is the best medicine, they say and I would wholeheartedly agree. . I don’t think that you can beat having a great big belly laugh. Laughing is not something that you learn, it’s something that you just know how to do, which makes it even better. Children laugh all the time and I love it when I hear my stepchildren laughing. That alone boosts my mood. 

For me there are two types of funny, the first one is where something makes you smile and the second is where you really and truly laugh. There have been occasions where I have not been able to stop laughing, crying and my stomach starts to ache. Those occasions do not seem to happen as often but when they do I feel 100 times better.

Laughter brings many benefits and as its National Tell A Joke today and I’m rubbish at telling jokes, here are some of the benefits of laughing:

  • I always get an immediate feel good vibe when I have had a good old laugh. It’s because your brain releases all the good feels (endorphins)
  • It can reduce the feeling of stress, again down to the endorphins
  • It can strengthen your bond with other people, discover a commonality and helps be more empathetic to others
  • Hits up your immune system in a good way. When you laugh you release T-cells which help you fight off any sickness
  • Laughter is contagious so you could me making someone’s day by having a real laugh.

So whether its meeting your meeting your friends, reliving a memory, watching a funny programme, reading something funny make sure you share it and fully enjoy the moment. As adults everything can be serious and to let go and have some fun can really give you a boost and all the good feels. Most of all it is so good for your wellbeing.

What makes you laugh? 

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