Let 2017 begin!

2017 so far is starting as a very lovely year. I have started the year strong by spending time with my closest friends and its been lovely. I have paid the price today with a massive hangover. Send help! I did however join the world and had a lovely afternoon with friends. “Read more.

I have not put much thought into food choices last week and just ate some of the Christmas goodies which were still in the house. For the first time in quite a few years I have not felt guilty about what I have eaten over the festive period. I have enjoyed the different foods. The food I eat over 2 weeks out of 52 is not going to make a huge difference to my goals.

I have made a good start in making some self care part of my routine. I had my eyebrows done as the HD brows, so waxed, threaded and tidied up. Although at first I was a little surprised at how they looked, I love them now. I have also ordered myself some Temple Spa products. I love this brand however they can be quite pricey, they had a very good deal on as a starter pack. Once I have used them I will do a separate post about them and any differences to my skin. I also spent time reading through some of the blog I follow.

I have a busy week ahead at work as usual so to help me stay focused I have set myself some intentions for this week:

– Stick to a healthy eating plan which is balanced and has no guilt attached
– Batch cook some lunches and dinners such as soups, chilli to keep in the freezer
– Make time to do things I enjoy,spend quality time with boyfriend, blog and read every day even if for 10 minutes.

I wanted to give myself some time and a few intentions to keep me aligned to my overall goals. I work in a very busy and fast paced environment and it’s so easy to quickly become absorbed in the work. By having these in my notebook which I can read every day, it will act as a visual reminder of whats important to me.

Have a good Monday!

How do you manage to keep yourself motivated?

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