Let’s talk October Goals

kiindle for books to read

In just a few days time I will be returning from an amazing holiday and some much needed downtime. To help me feel prepared for when I return to U.K. and work I thought I would share my October goals with you.

I love this time of year and completely fall in love with all the colours the leaves and nature show us. I also know the first week back to work is going to be a struggle. Alongside the darker nights and significantly colder temperatures.

Completing Blogtober:

I want to successfully complete Blogtober with quality posts. That in itself is a huge challenge for me and completely relies on me being organised all month. I am naturally a very organised person and love making lists and planning. I do need a little kick up the bottom at times to get those plans into action at times. So I am committing to myself as I really want to do this.

Netflix Binge:

Making A Murderer season two is back out on Netflix this month. I loved the first season so I am quite excited for the second series to see how the case has progressed. My goal is to watch the series this month as it will provide some downtime for me as well.

Making time for reading:

I want to read two books this month. Now I know this might not sound like many to some of you avid readers out there and I’m fine with that. Reading has taken a little bit of a back seat for me this summer. Plus Blogtober is a huge commitment so two books feels about right for me this coming month. As I’m on holiday for the first week of the month I can get one book done then, which puts me on a good start!

Practice being Mindful:

I want to stay to my slimming world group each week. Now I know this goal may be a little controversial for some and I get it. For me right now I have a little too much junk in my trunk and want to do something about it. I’m not setting myself a lbs target as it’s more about practicing being mindful and giving myself time to think about if I have treated food as an act of self care or not. Staying to group gives me that time without any other distractions, plus I spend time with people who know exactly how I feel. I’m also going to be doing some batch cooking and filling my freezer to make life a little easier. 


I want to start meditating as sometimes the noise in my head never switches off. I will start for 5 minutes at a time for a few days a week. Usually I would not set a goal this vague however I want to to create a positive habit. I don’t want it to become another thing on the to do list. 

In the past my habits have been focused on a specific result whereas this month I just want to create positive and happy habits for me. I like to think of these as gentle goals. There is no pressure on the outcome as it’s more important to do the goal. 

These are my October goals. Have you set any goals for this month? I would love to hear what they are if you have.

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