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I know its been a few weeks since I was on here so I though it was time to have a catch up on whats being going on. 

Over the last few months, since August really, I have been struggling with a few ailments which have really left me feeling drained and tired. I have been having quite painful headaches / migraines, then my eyes started to flare up with dermatitis and even as I’m sat writing this I am hopefully coming to the end of a sciatic episode. I haven’t written as much over the recent weeks, as who really wants to hear about all of that each week and with balancing work and not feeling great my energy and motivation levels have been low. Here is a round-up of what I have been doing:

  • Bonfire Weekend I went to the Extreme Stunt Show and Firework Spectacular show. In full disclosure I was gifted the tickets as this isn’t something I would usually go and see. There were plenty of stunts, monster trucks and amazing fireworks. It was bloody freezing however there were plenty of burger and coffee vans around the edge of the stadium. Some of the stunts were truly impressive such and below are a few pictures from the evening.
  • I have been to Rome and oh my how I loved it. When I first landed in Rome I felt tired and ready for a break. I loved everything about the city, the gorgeous architecture just springing up everywhere, the food, being able to walk done random streets and stop for a coffee. I am going to put a post up on here about it in the next few days with lots of gorgeous pictures.
  • We had a 10 years old birthday at Stockeld Park The Christmas Adventure. We decided to go to the park later than usual so that we would be there when it wad dusk and it was worth it. The park’s lights were beautiful and it really added to the magical and christmas vibe.
  • I attended an event at The Body Shop in Leeds to launch their Christmas campaign #playforpeace. It was a fun-filled night with games, fizz and some party purchases.

I have also been giving a lot of thought about what I want to do with my blog and I think that there will be some changes to come in the new year. I want to blog about a wider variety of topics from products I love using, woman issues, lifestyle, holiday and generally life. Hopefully you will enjoy the posts and look of the blog in 2018.

stockeld park

What have you been up to lately?

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