Life Lately

I thought as I haven’t posted much recently that it would be a good chance to have a catch up. So get a cuppa ready and get comfortable. 

I have just come back from a week in Cornwall and it was lovely. It was also our first family holiday away so a special time for me. It was days of playing on the beach, going round farms and playing in play parks. My favourite moment of the holiday was when we were splashing each other when in the ocean, it felt like we were the only ones playing on the beach even though the water was freezing. As a child I went to Cornwall for holidays and have some nice memories from going there, so it was lovely to be able to create new memories with my family.  The site we stayed at was wonderful and was in the middle of the most beautiful countryside. After a massive 10 days off work due to the Easter Bank Holidays  I feel relaxed and refreshed.

I recently stopped going to Slimming World as it was not just not working for me. I know that for some people they see great results and thats fantastic. I have been doing it since just before Christmas and I had lost 5lbs. It was constantly one step forward, two steps back. I would go through a cycle of feeling good and focused and then in what felt like no time at all I would feel out of control around food. I stopped thinking about what I wanted or enjoyed eating but what I needed to eat to make sure I got all my syns in. I felt like I was failing every day.  The fact is that these clubs fail us. If everyone who went to them lost and kept the weight off then it woud not be the booming industry that it is. There were so many woman going to the group who were stuck and fed up and all tghat was focused on was what had gone wrong. I want to focus on the positive as well as understand what could have gone better.

I am going to now focus on my overall health and not just weight loss. I have joined a nice gym and so far I have used the swimming pool more than any other facillity. Usually I join cheaper gyms and tell myself that once I go consistently I will join a nicer gym. This time I have gone straight to the nicer gym because I think I deserve it. I also now put going to the gym as a self care activity in my diary. The gym is right next door to where I work as well so really easy to make part of my routine.

I have refreshed my make up basics which I was very excited about. As I am getting older I see my skin care and make up routine as an investment. My skin care seems to be collecting more products and my make up collection is losing products. I would rather have better quality products and less of them. In my 20’s I was happy to experiment with different products. In my 30’s I know what works for me and what I like to wear. When I use my skin care and new make up products I feel like a million bucks!

Easter Weekend has been about eating chocolate guilt free and relaxing preparing myself to be ready to return to work. I sent a whole ay watching TV and eating chocolate. I cannot remember the last time I had been able to do this and enjoyed every minute of it.

What have you been up to? How was your Easter break?

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