Living a more sustainable life

Reducing single use plastic to be kinder to the planet

Like many people recently, I have watched a few documentaries about our impact on the planet. A few weeks ago I was in Indonesia and saw families bathing and playing in rivers, scenes very similar to those shown on the programs. At the time I thought they looked like they were having fun and what a lovely community spirit. Not for one moment did I think the water may have been contaminated or full of toxic chemicals. (I do want to say that the river was not near any factories and we were in a very rural part of Bali, but still).  

I found the Drowning in Plastic and the Stacey Dooley Investigates documentaries moving and eye opening. We hear a lot of noise about global warming, climate change and how we need to take care of the planet. For me, until I had watched those programs I hadn’t realised how bad it was. I might sound privileged or naive saying that and honestly I would take that. What’s important is that now I know, I realise and I want to do better.

The first thing I did was google “living sustainably”. There were so many posts and ideas that came up and initially I found it overwhelming. I knew in order for me to make any lasting changes that I needed to approach this with a slow and steady mindset. I like to do my research and have a little geek out so I can learn and make the right changes.

Single Plastic Usage

This was one where I knew I could make a difference. Firstly I needed to see how much single use plastic i was using. Spoiler, its a lot, in particular beauty and food products. These are items I buy on a regular basis so the obvious place to start. I don’t think that right now I can eliminate plastic usage completely. After having a little brainstorm these were the obvious places I could start.

  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables whenever possible
  • Continue to reuse plastic shopping bags
  • Research beauty products which are either refillable or don’t use plastic containers. I have already made the switch to shampoo an conditioner bars
  • Continue to use a refillable water bottle
  • Look at everything in the house and see how I can reduce use of plastic in general

Meatless meals

This one sounds easy however we do eat a lot of meat so its going to be a change for us all. I am going to commit to making one meatless meal a week. With the aim to build this up and have a more varied mix between meat and meat free meals. It’s a good excuse for me to look for some new recipes and experiment in the kitchen more. In an ideal world I would love to be able to purchase my fruit and veggies from the local market. I could look into a veg box being delivered.


It dawned on me that for some strange reason I only recycle what is in my kitchen. I know, this sounds slack, I get it. The whole post probably does but hey I have to start somewhere. Also if me saying obvious things helps one other person navigate round living a more planet friendly lifestyle then I’m good with that.

Recycling is different from each local council, so whilst I do recycle, I am going to find out more. I want to recycle more than we do from the house. Recycle old clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, pass on items to charity shops.

What do you think about living a more sustainable life style? Do you have any tips or suggestions? As always I would love to hear from you! 

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