Love, Life & Laugh 

2016 so far has been a very strange year for the world. There have been so many deaths. This week both Victoria Wood and Prince have died, unexpectedly.  I was lucky enough to see Prince live in London and he was bloody amazing. Victoria Wood was always on the TV when I was a child. Its always seems to shock at how precious and short life is. This year I am really learning a few lessons:

Life your life on your terms – if you want to be healthy then make the changes you want, apply for that job, wear that lipstick / dress, if you have regrets then let them be of doing instead of not doing. Don’t wait fornthat magic day… next Monday… just go for it.

Have fun – Dont take things or yourself so seriously,  enjoy the moments where you can have fun and create them

Love, Live and Laugh – Tell people that you love them, find something / one that makes you laugh every day, live life to the fullest, go after your dreams

Be fabulous at all times – everyone deserves to feel this way, so give yourself 5 minutes each day and do something that makes you feel fabulous. 

Most importantly go out in to the world, ready to make the difference that you will do by just being you. Some people say that there is no such thing as perfection. I think everyone of us is perfect in our own individual way. We all have something of worth to bring to life so don’t be afraid to let yourself shine.

Be Fabulously Healthy You

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