May’s Motivation

As far as months go April has been a stressful one. We are currently in the process of selling our existing house and buying a new one off plan. April has brought delays on both the sale and the purchase and the most fustrating thing is that we have felt like nobody has listened to us. On top of this we have had car issues and both very busy jobs. Its been a fustrating one to say the least. In terms of managing this with a healthy lifestyle its been very up and down. I have had excellent days where I have stayed on top of my food, overall health and sleep. Then there have been days where nothing has gone to plan.

One of the biggest things that will impact how I feel is sleep (thats a whole seperate post right there). I love my sleep and if I don’t get enough then I struggle to stay on track. My sleep has been quite restless and I have woken up feeling tired. For the most part in April I have done well with my food apart from the last week where it has all got a little stressful. On a more positive note if ever there was a time I would have gone back to caffeine then this would be it and I haven’t. So I am feeling very happy about that.

May’s Motivation:

– To reduce refined sugars further still

– To reduce processed foods

– To continue to make time for myself

– To keep on track for 7 days a week, allowing myself meals or treats instead of full days off track.

– To learn more about nutrition and understand what my body needs

Things to keep in mind:

– I could be moving house so I need to be aware of that and not put myself under too much pressure

– The boyfriends birthday which could mean a few drinks

– 2 Bank Holiday weekends, need I say more?!

I know that May has the potential to be another stressful month however I’m ready for it (kind of) and will be kind to myself and find the balance which works for me.

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