Moving towards your goals 

It occurred to me when I was swimming (I tend to think clearly when swimming) that the best way to achieve my goals of becoming healthier and more active  I need to focus on moving towards the goal instead of moving away from something. By  moving towards something I will focus on the positives instead of feeling despondent about the current situation.

So here are some ideas on how to move towards something:

– Clarify what you want your goals to be. Really think about them and then write them down, include what you can do each day to work towards them.

– Get started. Whatever it is you want to do just start. Do not over think it just do it. I am the slowest swimmer in the pool, do I care… not any more. I did at first but then I realised everyone is way too busy working on their own story. I know that by turning up for myself every day I will get stronger and I enjoy it. I feel great afterwards so who cares how long it takes me now.

– Track your progress, wins, successes, no matter how small you think it is. The small sustainable changes that you make every all add up to the big changes and results. Make time to recognise all of the great things that you are doing.

– Make small changes to the words you use. Instead of thinking or saying I have to xxxx change it to I want to xxxx, instead of thinking or saying I can’t have / do xxxx change it to I don’t want to / do xxxx. By switching up these words it really helped me to stop seeing exercise as a chore but as something I wanted to do. Do not define yourself by where you are now. Whatever you are saying or thinking about yourself will manifest itself in your actions.

– Journal everything. Writing down how you are feeling, what you have done, anything which has stopped you from doing what you wanted. This will help you understand what is going on with you and your life. I often journal my mood or emotions so I can learn when I might get in my own way.

If you put any of these in to action then I would love to hear what you have done and what your results are. 

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

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