My Favourite things in April

a stream of sunlight show casng a cluster of bluebells

Another blink of an eye and another month has flown by. April felt like a funny ole month and the first week of it I spent in bed poorly which was rubbish after a lovely Easter Weekend. As I like to focus on the positive here are my favourite things from April; 

  • It definitely feels like Spring has landed now and we have had some very transitional weather. I have already started spending more time outside and I definitely enjoyed the glorious sunny days we had with a cheeky cider!
  • We started the month with a little road trip and had a mini tour round The Lakes which was lovely. We managed to visit Penrith, Bowness, Cartel and Kendall all one day, as we don’t live that far from The Lakes. I definitely need to take advantage of this more often.
  • We spent one day having a leisurely mooch around Leeds which gave me chance to explore parts of the city that I don’t have time to do when at work.
  • What better way to start the month with a Bank Holiday weekend and Easter so lots of lovely chocolate and treats.
  • I really wanted to move the blog t being elf hosted and a little rebrand and I finally did it in April. I am so pleased with the blog and feel really motivated to create and share lots of fab content. This is one of my favourite things to have done!
  • After a slightly rough start to the month I have gone a full 3 weeks with feeling unwell and this makes me very happy. I finally feel like I am ready for 208 to start
  • I attended a panel evening which was part of the Leeds Digital festival. It was really interesting to see how both PR’s ad other bloggers viewed the industry.
  • I am super excited as we have booked to go t Bali for two weeks later this year. I am looking forward to seeing the culture, doing yoga on a balcony and having am amazing time.
  • I have done a few weeks of the wellness challenge and I can feel that it is helping me change my focus on to my overall well being. Slowly I can feel my energy returning.


So there you go another months worth of positivity and my favourite things, including this iced caramel coffee!

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