My love affair with Rome

The Colosseum at night, Rome

Italy is a place in this world that I just love. I have not seen much of it yet, however this is something I am keen to put right so I started with Rome. I lived on pasta, pizza and gelato for a week, it was delicious, satisfying and I’m not even sorry. I completely fell in love with Rome and I am already counting down until I can go back and be immersed in the city. I loved everything about Rome from the cobbled streets, gorgeous architecture, delicious food, intricate paintings and to the grandoise buildings. The hotel that we stayed at was right next to the Vatican City and a 10 minute walk from the metro, which was a great location for us. We travelled everywhere by the metro as it is so easy and cheap to get around on. The hotel is called the Atlante Star Hotel and by far it’s crowning glory is the rooftop terrace which provided amazing views such as the one below.

St. Peters at night

We explored Rome and enjoyed seeing as much of it as we could. We explored the Vatican City , walked in awe at the momuments around St. Peters Basicila, sat at The Trevi Fountain and threw coins into the water, discovered the Panetheon as we were walking through the streets, milled around Piazza Novona, ate the best gelato ever at the bottom of The Spanish Stairs whilst window shopping looking at the designer shops, we had some time out from the hustle and bustle in Villa Borghese exploring the beautiful gardens, we drank coffee everywhere, strolled around The Vatican Museums, stared and understood the story the paintings in the Sistine Chapel were telling us and imagined gladiators battling around the Colosseum. My imagination was in its element visualising scenes from history as we visited everywhere.St Peter's Baslica

st peters

vatican postie .jpg

The statues and buildings were grand and magnificant that I was constantly in awe of the craftmanship and the presence of the history around Rome. The city is proud of its history and showcases it off whenever it can. It was inspiring to be there, to feel the magic of the city at every street corner, to understand and learn the stories that were there for all to see.

blue ceiling.jpg

By far my favourite place was The Roman Forum. I absolutely adored walking around the forum, looking at each of the different remains and imaging the bustle of the daily Roman life. We spent hours walking round and getting lost in the beauty of it all. There was the spot where Julius Cesear was cremated. Then the spot where the vestival virgins kept the fire of Rome burning. We walked up Palatine Hill where you could see for miles around and take in the views with bright coloured buildings standing out.

roman forum

We were up and out early every morning so that we could beat the queues which I would definitley recommend. By 9am we were at the doors of The Vatican Museum or St Peter’s Basicila which mean that we avoided extended queues and we were moving on to the next place as the crowds started. We had a little nap in the afternoon so that we could be refreshed for the evening.


At some of the sights you are offered audio guides which can add on to the cost of your trip. We found a free podcast on Itunes which had audio guides for the majority of the places we went to see. The guides were really informative and meant you could stop and start at your own leisure. The podcast is Rick Steve’s Audio Tours    and its well worth a listen.

I had an amazing 5 days there and there are so many things I would like to go back and see, plus new sights and Roman adventures waiting for me to explore.

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Have you had any amazing city breaks?

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