My New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you have had a fabulous Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you do not celebrate then hopefully you have been able to spend time with your loved ones or doing what your passionate about, or just taking some time out.  

I have a love hate relationship with setting New Years Resolutions and for the last few years I have made the decision not to. In the past I have found with my New Year Resolutions that I have gone through the motions of setting them but then not even really trying as it just felt too overwhelming, which then led to feelings of failing.

It could be used purely as an opportunity to reflect back on the previous year where you give yourself time to reflect on what has worked well and gives you the opportunity to tweak anything so that it fits in to your lifestyle. I like to have a nice candle lit, if it’s not too early in the day a glass of wine or a nice cup of coffee and turn it into a an hour of time to myself. I do this at the end of each month as well and journal where I am.

The upside of new years resolutions is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, or look at your growth or personal development. There will be a lot of posts about why people are or are not setting resolutions this time round, I would recommend that you do what is best for you. Some years you will want to have some resolutions and others years you may not be bothered. All of this is completely fine.

This year I have decided to set myself some New Years Resolutions. I am taking a low-key approach in that there will be no pressure, I am not putting any numbers or timescales on anything and they are to enhance how I feel, not what I can do. I know that the classic way of setting goals (which I have a post about ready to go later this month) is about being more specific however from where my general well-being currently is this approach would be counter productive.

I will prioritise my health, mental and physical well-being. As I mentioned in a post here a few ailments and generally feeling like crap as made me realise I am not really taking good care of myself. Its time for me to find a routine which involves eating well and moving more that works well for me so I can get back to feeling my best.

I will be doing more of the things that bring me joy and excitement. I find it easy for me to focus on what other people’s needs are and prioritise them above mine. This has definitely impacted the above point so now I want to slow down a little, live in the moment and do what brings me joy.

I will be putting more energy and focus in to my blog, which ties in nicely with the above. I am starting to find my voice and want to make some changes early next year which I feel excited about, including going self hosted and a rebrand.

My intention for 2018 is to slow down, enjoy those precious little moments, enjoy the beauty in the mundane, re ignite my passion and joy by surrounding myself with and doing the things which bring me all of these. I really believe my new years resolutions will support this way of living. If I was to use one word to sum it all up it is joy. 

What do you think about New Years Resolutions?  Have you set yourself any resolutions for 2018? 


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