Neom Scent Discovery Event

Two weeks ago I won some tickets to attend a Neom Scent Discovery Event at John Lewis in York. It was a brand that I had heard of but not really had much experience of. I was so pleased to win  some tickets as I rarely win things like this. All I had to do was retweet a tweet on @Lucy_Earnshaw s twitter.

The event was really interesting and focused on helping people discover their underlying wellbeing need based on aromatherapy. I was certain that mine would be a lack of sleep as most days I wake up feeling tired before the days begins.

To start the event Nicola the founder of Neom gave a talk about why she set up the company. I always find it inspiring to hear about woman who want to try to make a difference in the world. Then we all had a chance to do a scent test. The idea being that which ever smell you like the most is the one that your body needs. Below are the smells:


To my surprise my underlying wellbeing need is energy or a lack of. I have felt that my energy levels have felt low over the last 12 months really. I thought it was poor sleep quality however it is a lack of energy which makes sense. Apparently this is quite common for woman these days. Since this event it has made me start to look at how I can make small changes in my life that will support me building my energy back up. It can be draining always feeling like you are washed out, which to be honest turns me into an irritable and moody person. I don’t want to be that person. I love to have fun and usually the instigator for a lot it, but since the house moves last year its been an effort to get the basics done and now I know why!

In the goody bag were a few awesome key pieces which have definitely made me feel more alert and bright. One particular little gem stone is the Neom Energy Burst Pulse Point. I will have one of these on me now forever. It’s particularly good when that 3pm slump in the afternoon hits, instead of reaching for the chocolate, just rub this onto your wrists and behind your ears and I can quite happily get through the next few hours. Some of the other things in the goody bag were Pukka teas, The Food Doctor Apple & Walnut Goodness Bar and a Neom hand cream. All of which were a lovely surprise.

One thing I have also done which has been a big change for me is to ask for help. Until recently I would have tried to do everything, felt on the edge of burn out and then feel resentful when everyone else is having fun and I felt too tired. In order for to be the next possible version of me I have decided to stop trying to be superwoman and do the best i can do. Sometimes that means i will ace everything and sometimes it will mean I need a little help from my friends.

I came away from the event feeling motivated to put some time and effort into listening to what my body needs and taking some small steps for big differences to help my overall wellbeing.

This is not a sponsored post or advertisement, I attended an event which I thoroughly enjoyed. All opinions are my own. 

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