New Month 

I have had a few good finds this week whch go towards my goals for May, both almost accidentially. The first one was when I was waiting for the train and I saw an email which offered a variety of free online courses.  I looked into it and they had a course on nutrition which I enrolled in and have had two webinars this week. It is amazing and I feel I am really learning about something which I am becoming passionate about. Finally after years of diets and fads I am being educated and learning what is good for my body. I am very excited about this.

I love learning and when you look for articles on nutrition on the internet I am no longer sure what is correct and what is bias. I have a theory that the food manufacturers have misled the public about sugar and low fat diets, so I’m not really inclined to pay them much attention. Already we have covered the basics of nutrition, the implications of malnutrition and the science behind it all.The second webinar this evening went into macro nutrients and micro nutrients and recommended daily allowances. This has given me an idea of tracking the food that I eat to compare against the recommended daily allowances just to see how it compares.

I am being to realise and appreciate that this is no longer about sticking to a rigid rule book of someone elses version of healthy. I am learning that you have to figure out what works for you. Admittedly it is a case of trial and error to a degree and really listening to what your body responds well to and wants more of. For the first time I am starting to accept this and not put myself under pressure to lose weight overnight. My focus is changing from being about losing as much weight as possible, to being as kind, caring, learning abut myself and becoming as healthy as I can. The best fabulous healthy version of me!

The second thing to excite me this week is that I have found an amazing health food shop near where I work. It had everything in it and I could have spent hours in there just reading and looking at all the different foods. I was like a kid in a really healthy sweet shop.

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