Oh Happy Day 

Today I have been ssssooooo healthy and I feel great. It just goes to show how one day of looking after yourself can lift your spirits. I woke up in a tired and grumpy mood which, in the past, has resulted in me resigning myself  to the fact that I will eat crap food, which I then do, which then puts me in to a cycle of not feeling great about it and then having to “start again” the following day.  When you are constantly having to start again each day it can be disheartening as I feel like I am not making any progress. Today was progress and exciting!

Todays food:

Breakfast – Juice plus banana, honey and almond milk shake / Snack – Eat Natural Bar / Lunch – Juice plus berries and almond milks shake / Snack – left over chicken from the Sunday roast / Dinner – Home made burgers with 5% mincemeat and halloumi / Treat – Little bar of dark chocolate / Drinks – 2 litres of water throghout the day and decaff coffee.

Whilst I don’t want to be on the Juiceplus shakes forever, right now they are making sure I recieve plenty of nutrients and let me focus on becoming healthier in other aspects, emotionally, spirtually, socially and physically. I know not every day will be like this and it is definitely a case of taking the wins when they come. What today did show me is that slowly but surely my habits and mindset are changing. That actual change is happening within me, that the habits of a life time are being turned into positive steps of being the best version of me is the best motivation. Ready and raring for tomorrow!!!!

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